The Sculpted Seed


Avocado Seed Carvings

Imagination in Three Dimensions

Sculpted by the seeds

Avocados have always been one of my favorite treats. When I realized all the imaginative potential that was hidden away within its seed, I unlocked a new passion that refuses to give me up. I carve nearly every day for the joy of it and for the delight of bringing others’ visions into three dimensions. I am inspired by the nature around me, by graphic patterns that catch my fancy, and by photographs and drawings of beautiful things near and far. I keep many pieces for myself because I simply can’t let them go. But I also sell them to individuals for jewelry, decorations, and gifts. I am also featured in a handful of stores and shows that appreciate local, hand made, up-cycled art.

If you might be interested in purchasing or carrying any of my pieces, I would be delighted to speak with you!


How the Seed is Sculpted

After I remove the seeds from the avocado, I wash and dry them. After a couple of weeks, the skin begins to peel away, and I can carve the seed-flesh. Every carving is unique based on the demands of the seed in my hand and my creative inspiration in the moment. Carved pieces dry for a few days. I seal the pieces to prevent them from drying beyond a desired extent or experiencing any further decay. Lastly, I add fixtures to the piece so that they can be unique art worn as jewelry.


Custom Designs

I seem to have been unable to find the end of inspiration for avocado seed carvings, but I just love sharing the inspiration process with others who will enjoy having a custom carved avocado seed bearing an image dear to their own or a loved one’s heart. Contact me if you’re interested!


Maine Made

I carve my avocado seeds in Midcoast Maine. My seed supply comes from my own avid love for avocados, but also from a whole host of neighbors and friends who kindly save their seeds for me. I love living in Maine, surrounded by natural inspiration and a supportive community who loves seeing nature cared for and honored through art and up cycling.