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I hope to be a developer of images, children, words, friends, myself, and hopefully as a result, this world. And development is a process. I process the world through photos and words. I invite you to process with me through these writings and posts. I welcome your input!

The Beckett Three

I will never forget the day I ran into Greg and Michelle out on a walk. Michelle was bursting with joy and could not contain her news that a new Beckett was on the way. Pregnancy is not all pleasant, and parenting is full of challenges and dark valleys. But getting to spend an hour with Marlowe and her parents years later, the joy is still shinning, only now it also walks and talks and jumps and smiles with the light of a star. I have always felt happier in Michelle's presence and it is a gift to us all that there is more of her in this world now. Here's a little taste of that joy for you!