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I hope to be a developer of images, children, words, friends, myself, and hopefully as a result, this world. And development is a process. I process the world through photos and words. I invite you to process with me through these writings and posts. I welcome your input!

The Howells at Sunrise

It was a frigid 30 degrees, I was jet lagged from a long trip to visit family across the country, my toddler had kept me up for about three of the previous nights . . . and still . . . Laurie, John and little Lane and I had so much fun exploring the bridge, rocks, and water for this sunrise session. Having prayed that Lane's life would come into being before it was so, it is a special blessing to watch him grow from adorable newborn, to my little guy's buddy, and into this charming little character you'll find in these images. Laurie and John are incredible people and such loving and wonderful parents. It is a joy to witness this family in action!